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productpure was created to deliver products that meet a much more comprehensive safety standard than BPA-free. Many peer-reviewed studies report significant health problems can occur when synthetic chemicals having estrogenic activity (EA) are ingested that mimic or block actions of estrogens in the body. Fetal, infant, and juvenile mammals, including humans, can be especially sensitive to very low dosages. Thousands of chemicals other than BPA are suspected to have EA, some at levels higher than BPA. Published peer-reviewed scientific studies report estrogenic chemicals can leach from BPA-free products, especially after simulated stresses of sunlight, dishwashing, and microwaving. All productpure products are certified as PlastiPure-Safe™ EA-Free.

productpure is agnostic when it comes to materials as long as they are EA-free. We are not "anti" or "pro" plastic. We believe that most materials have the potential to be "good" or "bad" depending how they are formulated, enhanced, molded, stored, and used. As an example, companies advertising their product is "safe" because they use no plastics often use silicones which from our recent data are more likely to release estrogenic chemicals than most plastics. Plastics, silicones, and other materials can be made EA-free with the right know-how, but strict processes must be followed along with EA testing to confirm that the final product meets the certified EA-free standard.

productpure is a spinoff of sister companies, CertiChem and PlastiPure. These companies have conducted research on EA for over 15 years and worked extensively with government agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation to develop the most sensitive and reliable assays to detect EA and to develop commercial methods to make a large number of EA-free products. In addition, both companies have actively worked with scientists and consumer groups to survey and publish many peer-reviewed articles on EA bioassays, testing protocols, EA in consumer products and cosmetics, and solutions for EA avoidance. While concerned scientists, popular press, and consumer groups have increasingly reported that issues with EA are not addressed by simply removing BPA or using glass or metals for limited solutions, no manufacturers that we know are currently implementing the more stringent certified EA-free practices and standard. Because of this, CertiChem and PlastiPure supported the launch of the new company, productpure, with the help of an NIH grant to make the first completely EA-free baby bottle.

productpure plans on launching many more EA-free products including water bottles, food storage containers, sippy cups, and pacifiers. These are all products where consumers have concerns about EA and want productpure to quickly develop solutions.


With the support of our customers, we hope to encourage other manufacturers to also meet the PlastiPure-Safe™ EA-free standard. We believe the more companies that meet these requirements, the safer our families will be. 


BPA-free rapidly changed many markets including infant feeding, beverage, food storage, cosmetics, and more. We believe these markets can change equally quickly to EA-free, but not without support from early adopting customers preferentially buying products that are truly EA-free versus products that are only BPA-free or products falsely advertised as EA-free.

PlastiPure and CertiChem will continue to work with productpure and other companies wishing to meet this improved safety standard. These companies will also continue to work with government agencies to improve methods to detect and fix problems with a variety of materials and manufacturing methods. In addition, further surveys will be conducted and published in peer-reviewed journals to continue to educate the scientific community and public.


With your support we can continue to make safer products and likely compel movement to the safer EA-free standard in many markets.

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