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At productpure, we know how complex the questions surrounding safer products can be. We have compiled information to help you find your answers.




Summary of productpure background, EA, issues, and solutions.

productpure overview




Frequently asked questions for productpure.

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Center for Environmental Health

Estrogenic Activity in children’s “BPA-free” sippy cups.




Abstracts and summaries of peer reviewed aricles that report bioassays used to test for EA, survey of EA in materials, and survey EA in commercial products and personnel care products from scientists at PlastiPure, CertiChem, and the National Institutes of Science.

EA article abstracts and highlights summarized by PlastiPure and CertiChem scientists


Peer-reviewed research on EA in a variety of consumer products.

2011 article surveying EA in consumer products

2014 article surveying EA in BPA-free products


Peer-reviewed research on EA in BPA-free materials.

2014 article surveying EA in hard and clear materials


Peer-reviewed research on EA in personal care products and cosmetics.

2014 article surveying EA in children's personal care products


Peer-reviewed research on highly sensitive and accurate bioassays developed for detecting EA.

2013 article reporting optimized robotic MCF-7 assay

2014 article reporting optimized robotic BG1-Luc assay


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